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OEI was founded in 1996 by Dr. Matt O'Connor to provide a broad range of hydrogeologic consulting services to both private and public-sector clients throughout California and the Pacific Northwest.  We specialize in stream restoration, flood hazard mitigation, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, watershed planning, surface and groundwater availability analysis, and fluvial and hillslope geomorphology.  The small size of our company and our specialized areas of expertise ensure a level of experience, communication, and project dedication that sets us apart from our competition. 
Dr. Matt O'Connor
Principal Hydrogeologist & Geomorphologist

Matt is a Professional Geologist and a Certified Engineering Geologist in California and Washington.  He is a regional expert in fluvial and hillslope geomorphology, hydrology and hydrogeology with more than 24 years of experience leading investigations pertaining to the analysis of land management influences on hydrologic and erosion processes, water resources, and stream restoration.  In addition to his technical capabilities, Matt's excellent communication and project management skills make him am invaluable asset to any project team.


Jeremy Kobor
Senior Hydrogeologist & Modeling Coordinator

Jeremy is a Certified Floodplain Manager in California and a Registered Geologist in Oregon.  He is an expert in the development and application of numerical hydrologic, hydraulic, and sediment transport models including HEC-RAS, MODFLOW, HSPF, GSSHA, MIKE SHE, MIKE 11, MIKE 21, and MT3DMS.  Jeremy has more than 12 years of experience working on a diverse range of projects pertaining to habitat restoration planning and design, flood hazard mitigation, and water supply investigation.

Mike Sherwood
Senior Geologist
Katherine Woodworth
Assistant Hydrologist

Mike is a Professional Geologist in California with more than 15 years of experience working on projects focused on the geomorpholgy, hydrology and hydrogeology of the northern California coastal ranges. His project work has involved slope stability, erosion, and sedimentation issues, groundwater investigations, stream restoration design and flood hazard mitigation.  He poseses a range of technical skills both as a field scientist and as a GIS analyst and numerical modeler.

Katherine holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and Management from University of California, Davis and has two years of experience performing technical geology and hydrology studies as well as hydrologic and geomorphic field investigations.This work has included collaboration on bank and stream restoration design projects, slope stability and soil analyses, as well as groundwater studies in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, and Lake Counties. She has also assisted with the development and calibration of hydrologic model.

Michelle Nelson
Office Administrator

Michelle is responsible for accounts processing, insurance and other administrative duties.

Hydrology - Geomorphology - Engineering Geology 
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